20 Aralık 2009

ZAGREB-The First Stop

The first stop of my Croatia trip is Zagreb. The capital city of Croatia is the biggest and actually only metropolitan city of the country. I have to admit that before coming I was not expecting such developed, planned and modern city.
I flied to Zagreb with Turkish Airlines with a very good price about 200 €. There are other airlines flying from Istanbul to Zagreb but surprisingly Turkish Airlines rate was the best of all.
Zagreb International airport is 16 km far from the centre of Zagreb. There is a bus service of Croatian Airlines that takes you the city bus terminal. It takes 20 minutes at most and costs 5 €.
Zagreb is the largest and strongest industrial and economic centre in Croatia with 126000 hectar surface area, 1 million inhabitants population.
Average annual temperature is 12 C. In summer it is around 28 C. It is warm enough to feel the summer.
Zagreb can be defined as the city of trams actually. In the city center it is very much easy to get somewhere with trams. I am so lucky that the day I arrived to the city was a national day and all the trams were free.
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After a long communist regime, the country was introduced to Capitalism. As far as I understand people are very much pleased with that new lifestyle but it seems that they are still living without capitalist passion and eager about earning lots of money and having a brilliant career. It seems like they are just having very fun of living at a very peaceful country and all they want is to keep this as it is.
There is no rush in the traffic. Obeying the traffic rules may not be something surprising but even if there is no car on the road, pedestrians keep waiting for the lights to turn to green for them. I need to say that It is really much for me and I jaywalked:) with a great pleasure ignoring the residents routines.
Guys you have got to know that Zagreb nightlife really sucks! Maybe its being summer time there is no club open
Actually there are some so-called clubs but they seems like cafes serving alcohols. You just sit on the seats outside of the clubs (cafes) and staring at the people passing by or sitting on another clubs seats
Konzum is the very common supermarket of the city spread all around the city. If you are staying at a hostel with a kitchen and you want to cook your dishes, I recommend you to go to Konzum for shopping.
I have stayed in Funk Hostel. It was really nice place to stay. Despite of being a little bit far from the city center It offers more than enough comfort and luxury. The only thing I do not like about Funk Hostel is the shower tab and the water pressure.

The SPOTS of the CITY
Ban Jelacic Square and The Mandusevac Fountain
Ban Jelacic Square is the central focus of modern Zagreb. The square name is coming from a general in the Austrian army Ban Jelacic. He had also governed the country between 1848 and 1859. The statue of Ban Jelacic is placed on the square in 1866, it was removed by the comunist regime in 1947 and it was placed again in 1990.
It is easy to take a tram from this square to go to the other city attractions. Lots of people waits for the tram at this square so it will be a very important spot for you when exploring the city.

The Cathedral and Virgin Mary with Angels
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In front of the Cathedral there is a fountain with gold-plated statues of the Virgin Mary and four angels, the latter symbolizing the Christian virtues of Faith, Hope, Innocence and Humility.

The Mirogoj Cemetery

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The Zrinski Square

The Saint Mark’s Square
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