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My name is Gurcan Özkan. I was born in Ordu. It is a small city located on the north coast of Turkey. I lived there until my university study and moved to Istanbul for my undergraduate study in Yıldız Technical University. So I am a civil engineer. My specialization is about utilization of water resources. I worked for a Water Company in Istanbul and also for a contractor company as cost control engineer at a metro project. Hence I enhanced my knowledge on water business and also project management. For the time being I am an international graduate trainee at Statkraft. 

The trainee position at Statkraft is a very good combination of my previous experiences and the career on hydropower energy business is very promising and motivating for me. I accepted the offer without any hesitates. In the 2-year traineeship as a group we are supposed to develop ourselves personally through several tasks and different courses by working at 4 different departments at different countries.
At the end of 2 great years I will start working at my department by knowing both technical and management aspects of energy business, a lot more about the company and my job. My goal is now strengthening my knowledge on renewable energy business and wishing to make more contribution to Statkraft. I am longing for Oslo and Dusseldorf parts of my rotation. Working and living in Norway and Germany will be invaluable experiences for me.

For more information, please visit my linkedin profile:
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