22 Eylül 2009

Istanbul Water Report 2009

facing the challenges
World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) is one of the branches of UNESCO working on worldwide water issues, organizing meetings, preparing reports about water and water related issues collaborating with universities, public administrations, NGOs and other institutions.

WWAP is publishing World Water Development Report (WWDP) in every 3 years and announcing its coming out during World Water Forum and as a attachment of this report, its also publishing Case study booklet.

When I was working at Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (ISKI), we were asked to write a report to be published in case study booklet about Istanbul water issues. At first It was a very simple task to accomplish but when it became serious we understood that apparently it was not so easy to compile all the water related data of that kind of a big city like Istanbul. We were two engineers as ISKI consultancy group and we need more experts and professionals to finish up whole report in a limited time.

The first thing we had got to do is to make up a work group. We had visited DSI ( State Water Works) and met with the professionals and convince them of writing this report together. We also made a workgroup at ISKI. Eventually we ended up with a work group with 8 members having technical and academic backgrounds about hydraulics and water resources.

As a consultancy group of ISKI, we were organizing meetings at the beginning of the weeks so we can manage the progress of the report.I was responsible for leading the group and make sure that each member prepared the required data on time. I was also in contact with Engin Koncagül who is responsible for this case study booklet at WWAP. I was sending the briefs to him via email and he was giving feedbacks about the briefs.

I could not finish up my task because i had to quit my job at ISKI for personal things but there were less work to finish up the report.

The 3rd World Water Development Report was come out on the last day of World Water Forum held in Istanbul. Despite of being invited, unfortunately I could not attend that meeting because I got flu :(

Here is the slide of Istanbul case study published in the Facing the Challenges case study book.

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